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Frequently Asked Questions 
       Can I bring my kids into Night Moods?
             YES!!! Night Moods is a FAMILY FRIENDLY STORE and children are always welcome in our store. Bring them in and let them pick out the balloons for their next birthday party. 

      Will you ship to Canada?
           YES!!! Night Moods will ship your handcrafted custom garter to Canada, we will add any custom charges to your shipping costs when we mail it. 

      Can you use fabric that I provide? 
           YES!!! Over the years we have handcrafted many garters for our brides with fabric that they have provided. We just need to know how wide you want your handcrafted garter to be and then we can tell you how much fabric we will need. 

      Can you use a charm the I provide?
          YES!!! Over the years brides have brought to us many charms that they already have and want on their garter. 

      Can you put military rank my garter?
           YES!!! We can put military rank on your handcrafted garter HOWEVER, you will have to provide the rank for us, we can not buy military rank, only military personal can. 

      How long does it take to make a garter?
          It depends on if we have everything in stock or if we have to look for a certain themed charm or fabric. If we have everything in stock and we have no other garters a head of it, it can be finished in 24 hours, however if we have to look for a charm, fabric or special ribbon color it can take up to 3 weeks while those items come in. So the more time that you give us the better. 

      Who usually buys the garter for a wedding?
          If you are thinking about giving a handcrafted garter to a bride ask her first if she has one already, if she doesn't then anyone can buy it. Sometimes the groom comes in and orders it, sometimes it is the brides mother, and others it is the grooms mother. Friends can purchase the garter as a gift as well.  

       Why should I buy two garters for one wedding?
          So the bride keeps one and the groom tosses one. The garter that the bride keeps is usually a little nicer then the one that is tossed and is usually worn higher on the leg so he can figure out which one to take off her leg in front of everyone. 

       Where is the garter usually worn?
          That is kind of up to the person wearing it. Men wear them on their arm and women wear them above the knee, there really isn't any rule that says how high about the knee or on which leg. 

      Can a man wear a garter?
          YES!!!, men have for centuries to help hold up both of their shirt sleeves. They look great on his arm. 

     Why can I not order on your web page?
         For a couple of reasons but the main reason is because we want to give you the best service possible and to do that we need to TALK TO YOU to make sure that we are producing your garter just the way you want it. Garters are not returnable and so we need to get it right the FIRST TIME. We can take your credit card information over the phone and once we charge your card we destroy the number so their is NO WAY IT CAN BE HACKED. 

     Can garters be given away at a wedding to all the guests? 
          YES!!! There really isn't a rule that says that you can't give garters to all of your guest, if you would like to do this see our promo garters. If you do this you may want make your toss garter just a little fancier then the promo garters that you give to everyone. 

    It is hard to call you during your business hours, is there any other way to contact you?
         YES!!! you can e-mail us your garter questions and ideas and your phone number and the best time to call you in your time zone, (please let us know what time zone you are in) and our garter designer will call you at the best time for you. E-mail our garter designer at 

You can also reach us on the contact page of our website. 

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