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About Night Moods
Night Moods is Juneau, Alaska's premier family friendly Lingerie Bouquet and Balloon Store. (We know, it is a strange mix, but hey, it works)

Night Moods was established in 1992 and is locally owned and family operated by Kathy and Joe Buell.  

Night Moods has been handcrafting garters for it's customers for 20 years and believes that garters are not just for weddings and if they are for a wedding they don't have to be blue and white. Night Moods also make promotional garters for business to sell or give away to their employees or customers.

Night Moods carries lingerie in sizes small to 6x and believes that "Sexy is an attitude not a size nor age". We also think that you should always try lingerie own before you purchase it because every lingerie company is different with their sizing. Also, things can look great on the hanger but not so great on and then sometimes things look ho hum on the hanger but once you put it on, WOW, look out, it looks great. That is why at this time we don't have lingerie on this sight for sale. 

Night Moods carries both latex and foil balloons sold Individually, in Bouquets, Columns and Arches and in Fun  Whimsical Creations. Night Moods has a Balloon Artist on hand to make your event the event that will be talked about for years. See our balloon web sight at

Why buy your latex balloons from Night Moods?
Night Moods carries environmentally friendly Qualatex Latex Balloons in over 60 colors and by mixing these 60 colors we can make another 72 colors so matching the colors of your event is easy. Night Moods uses Ultra High Float to extend the float time of their Latex balloons for weeks. Night Moods also carries over 220 different styles of Foil balloons for just about every balloon occasion. Night Moods will deliver your Balloons anywhere in the Juneau / Douglas area for only $10.00. Delivery fee may be more for large events that take many trips to the event sight from the store.

Yes, kids a are always welcome at Night Moods so bring them in and let them pick out the balloons for their next Birthday party. 

Night Moods has a great selection for Bachelorette parties and Bridal Showers. 

Night Moods has FREE gift wrapping with purchase. 

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