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Bridal Shower and Bachlorette Party Ideas
Are you hosting a Bridal Shower or Bachlorette Party? Need some ideas on what to do? Scroll down and have fun picking some fun ideas that fit the personality of your party. 

The Man-Beads Game
  You will need: A necklaces for each guest such as 
  Mardi Gras Beads or Lei. 

As each guest arrives give them a necklace after
everyone has arrived explain the rules. Basically if you act like a girl, your necklace will be taken by the
person that caught you. Men don’t cross their legs, if you do, you loose your necklace. If you talk about breaking a finger nail, you loose your necklace. Say something about a hot guy, bye-bye necklace, and so on. You will soon see just who the girlie girls in your group are.  

Or try this Necklace Game
You will need: A necklace of some kind for each guest 
  such as Mardi Gras Beads or a Lei 
  A prize for the winner.

As each guest arrives give them a necklace and after everyone arrives explain that for the rest of the party no one can use the name of the bride or groom. 
Everyone must refer to them only as the Bride or Groom. If someone catches another guest using the brides or grooms real names they may take that 
persons necklace. The person at the end of
 the party with the most necklaces wins.

Bridal Quiz

Before the party, ask the groom the following questions to see 
if the Bride really knows the man of her dreams also ask him how many questions he thinks she will get right. After the bride has finished tell her how many she got right and how many HE thought she would get right. 

At the party ask everyone how well they think the bride will do with this little test. Have the guests write down how many answers the bride will get right. The guest that predicts the right amount of correct answers wins.

1. What was the name of his first pet? _______________________________

2. What is his favorite color? _______________________________________

3. How many kids does he want to have? ____________________________

4. He really hates it when she? _____________________________________

5. What are his favorite pizza toppings? ______________________________

6. What is his favorite sports team? _________________________________

7. He thinks it is sexiest when she? _________________________________

8. What food will he not ever eat? __________________________________

9. What chores will he do after they say “I DO�? _______________________

10. How many times a day does he fart? _____________________________

11. He really loves when she feeds him? _____________________________

12. After the wedding he plans to sleep on which side of the bed? ________

13. When he was a kid he had a crush on what movie star? _____________

14. What does he want on his night stand? ___________________________

15. What is his favorite piece of clothing that she owns? ________________

16. What does he think their song is? _______________________________

17. What is his favorite breakfast food? ______________________________

18. When he was a kid, what did he want to be when he grew up? ________

 19. How many pairs of underwear does he own? ______________________

 20. What is his favorite meal that she cooks? _________________________

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